Cafe Portofino in Lihue, HI has been recognized as a DiRoNA Awarded restaurant since 1993!

Cafe Portofino provides a Riviera-like atmosphere with a combination of fresco and salon dining. There are a variety of specialty plates of pasta, fresh seafood, and veal, including Fettuccini Alfredo, Veal Osso Bucco, and Bistecca di Vitellone, all enhanced by sauces with an Italian Soul. Bon Appetite loved Portofino’s fresh Marinara sauce. Homemade Gelato and fruit sorbets are prepared daily. There is a cappuccino and espresso bar, so you can linger over exotic coffees after dinner.

The couple visiting Cafe Portofino will find a sumptuous and authentic menu, an extensive wine list, and romantic dining. The “villa” dining and lounge rooms are replete with marble floors, candlelit tables, and a warm and knowledgeable staff. The entire dining experience is further enhanced by the accomplished performance of the cafés own harpist and the stunning views of Kalapaki Bay from the terrace, and the main dining room. The restaurant offers a perfect setting for an intimate dinner for two, while also providing a separate dining room for bigger parties like weddings and anniversary celebrations.

Imagine a tropical Italy or a Hawaiian Riviera. That’s what you’ll find at Cafe Portofino Italian restaurant overlooking Kalapaki Bay. Owner Giuseppe Avocadi was born and raised in Italy, when he opened his Restaurant on the Island of Kauai, “Kauai reminds me so much of the Italian Riviera”,  Mr. Avocadi says.

” A marvel of contrast between mountains and sea surrounded by palms and fields of vibrant greens…..
It’s truly a paradise.”

Cafe Portofino


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