Casa Rolandi in Cancun, MX has been recognized as a DiRōNA Awarded restaurant since 2012!

A trip to Cancun is not complete without a visit to Casa Rolandi! We are home to a culinary heritage that was born between Switzerland and Italy, an exquisite blend enjoyed by celebrities, connoisseurs, and visitors. For more than three decades we have conquered a privileged place within the gourmet hearts in Quintana Roo.


The magic in the kitchen of Casa Rolandi is not casual, it is part of a gastronomic heritage that has been perpetuated for generations. Today, thanks to Sandro Müller, it stays on Mexican coasts and is served at our tables.

Casa Rolandi is part of the firm Grupo Rolandi, which has for more than three decades forged a proposal that is already a tradition in the Mexican Caribbean region. That is why we maintain special care at all times in the process. Each food, each drink, each moment we share is further proof of our commitment to the legacy that supports us. That is our philosophy of work and that is what distinguishes us: tradition in everything we do.


After leaving Europe, the essence of our cuisine found its home in the Mexican Caribbean. It was here that a dream was born that, inspired by the teachings of the old world, opened the way to a pioneer offer in the region. After thirty years, Casa Rolandi continues to honor and give identity to this culinary idea, since quality continues to be the engine that drives the new professionals who direct each area of our business.

What began with small businesses in the Riviera Maya, today is a jewel that forces a visit to Cancun. We have developed a concept that accommodates both gourmet locals, tourists, and even food festivals. So, take a seat, we hope you’re hungry because we’re sure you’ll want more.


Chef Daniele Muller: Insignia and promoter of the Rolandi heritage, of Swiss-Mexican nationality, studied Gastronomy in Lyon, France, at the Paul Bocuse Institute. He has worked recognized by the famous Michelin guide. After these experiences, he ventured into the Mexican scene where he has developed Rolandi restaurants. He reminds us every day what it is to be part of a tradition and he teaches us with his example and love for cooking.

Casa Rolandi

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