Chef Louis Szathmary

Remembering Chef Louis

(June 2, 1919 – October 4, 1996)

DiRōNA Hall of Fame member Chef Louis I. Szathmary passed away last year and is greatly missed by many people in the industry, particularly by the students at Johnson & Wales University.

In his lifetime, Chef Louis wore many hats besides a toque. He was an author, columnist, broadcaster, lecturer, entrepreneur, consultant, superintendent, and manager. He even participated in television and radio commercials. Above all these achievements, he was a consummate chef.

Chef Louis created The Bakery in Chicago, IL which he owned and operated for over 25 years, and he achieved even greater things as a renowned chef and food expert. He considered his position as chef laureate of Johnson & Wales University among his crowning career achievements.

Chef Louis was quoted by the national Culinary Review in 1994 as saying, “Chefs are here to stay. They will be playing a very important role in the global village, on space ships and out in the universe.”

He too played a very important role in the culinary world and beyond, and the knowledge he left behind with future generations of chefs and Johnson & Wales University is here to stay.

Chef Louis Szathmary
DiRōNA Hall of Fame Member

From the DiRōNA Archives

Winter 1996 – Volume 4 – Issue 3

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