Grappa Italian Restaurant in Park City, UT has been recognized as a DiRoNA Awarded restaurant since 1997!

Bill White opened Grappa Italian Restaurant in 1992. It was the first restaurant that started Bill White Enterprises. The building is over 100 years old and sits at the top of Main Street. It was home to a brothel, bed and breakfast, and a bar to name a few. Grappa has three dining room floors and patios offering beautiful gardens and water features that highlight from five different levels. Grappa serves regional Italian food. Bill weaved his influences from abroad and used his French Culinary influences to blend in the flavor and textures of Italy. We incorporated three important business factors that we use to this very day: Food, Service, and Ambiance. The next four years would prove a positive one because it is then in 1996 that we opened Chimayo Southwestern Restaurant. Nothing could be more foreign to the American palate than grappa, the Northern Italian brandy distilled from the grape skins, stems, and seeds left over from winemaking (what the French produce as marc). By tradition, a poor man’s drink, grappa can pistol-whip the palate of the neophyte. Rustic, often fiery, it smells of hay, Earth and God knows what else. Today, top winemakers and distillers from all over Italy artfully craft their grappas, often distilling them from a single grape variety or even a single variety from a single designated vineyard. Some are aged in wood anywhere from six months to a year. The result is a smoother, more insinuating product that can be downright elegant, while still retaining the spirit’s primary characteristics. Grappa has an intensity, a pristine quality, and an underlying simplicity. Grappa is strong, but it leaves the taste buds refreshed.  

Grappa Italian Restaurant