La Habichuela in Cancun, MX has been recognized as a DiRoNA Awarded restaurant since 2001!


Welcome to the Habichuela. A classic from Cancun since 1977, characterized by its unparalleled service and quality.
La Habichuela is part of the things that when visiting Cancún are obligatory. The restaurant prints a unique style that after more than 45 years, has become a classic. It is a tribute to the Mayan culture that could well be a museum. The cuisine developed over the years has resulted in delicious entrees and main dishes that have no nationality but their own name and unique personal touches.
We are a family business that started almost with Cancun, with a small restaurant with great hopes, great spirit and great pleasure for what we do, as well as great respect for the Mayan culture.
For more than 45 years we have attended with great care and pride of what we offer our customers, we specialize in seafood but we do not leave aside good meats and dishes of Mexican cuisine. We have also conceived dishes that have become famous and have given us identity. We have incorporated the best Yucatecan dishes into our Menu.

DiRōNA Awarded

La Habichuela