La Quercia in Vancouver, BC has been recognized as a DiRoNA Awarded restaurant since 2012!

La Quercia opened its doors in 2008.

Our concept was really simple, a restaurant that offered an honest and easy approach to traditional Italian food. At that time we decided to offer a multi-course  ‘alla Famiglia” dinner experience to our guests that let us offer the opportunity to explore and experience different dishes. Times have changed, as has our focus, and after a decade we decided to have an a la carte menu that includes a large primi selection and offers the possibility for custom made sharing menus. The family-style menu will now be offered only to large groups.

Chef Adam Pegg graduated culinary school at Vancouver Island’s Camosun College in 1991 and worked at Victoria’s Herald Street Caffe and Il Terrazzo before he was urged to journey to stage in Italy by his mentor, Chef Daniele Mereu. Pegg attended the Italian Slow Food School where he earned the Master of Italian Gastronomy—the first to do so in Canada. La Quercia handcrafts pasta using century-old techniques Pegg learned throughout Italy, all while staging with well-known Italian chefs such as Ugo Alciati in Piedmont, and Fiorenzo Varesco and Gianni Chiocchetti in Trentino.

Karin Lazzaris family had been in the hotel and restaurant business for decades, and she started in the business at a very young age, growing up with an ingrained passion for authentic food experiences and expertise in wine as she continued to work her way up in the business. Journeying to Canada, she runs the operations, front of house and wine program at La Quercia.

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