Las Mañanitas in Mexico City has been recognized as a DiRōNA Awarded restaurant since 1993!

This sumptuous, authentic Mexican hacienda is located in the center of Cuernavaca, the “city of eternal spring.” In the exotic gardens, among the sculptures by Francisco Zúñiga and lush flowers, elegant peacocks strut about and blue parrots perch in the trees. The colonial suites, in their tiled-roof villas, are decorated with beautiful antiques and artworks, including paintings by José Luis Cuevas, Leonardo Nierman, and Carlos Mérida. In addition to generous servings of traditional cuisine, Las Mañanitas offers a choice of excursions on the Aztec trail, with visits to the Palace of Cortés and the ruined cities of Xochicalco and Taxco, famous for its silversmiths.

Strongly connected to its cultural and historic heritage, Las Mañanitas plays an active role in local development, working with local artisans and organizing a festival in honour of Mexican gastronomy.

In the language of Nahuatl, a mitoti is big fire around which people gather to eat and drink. This property uses the word to name the big food festival it organizes to bring together the best cooks in Mexico. Non-stop conferences, workshops, and tastings, all with the same goal: to enrich the country’s food culture. Las Mañanitas already draws on ancestral recipes. Once approved, the dishes are prepared using local ingredients and served to their guests. The interior design and tableware reflect this attachment to local know-how and tradition: each plate is handmade, every one unique.

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