Le Michelangelo in Quebec City, QC has been recognized as a DiRoNA Awarded restaurant since 1999!

The Michelangelo is one of the most acclaimed tables in Quebec. Since its opening more than 40 years ago, its owner, Nicola Cortina, has not stopped impressing with its culinary creativity, its rigor for exceptional service and its passion for the best wines of the world.

Despite all its qualities, the Michelangelo offers an affordable menu with specialties to satisfy all the epicureans.

Located in the Sainte-Foy sector, just a stone’s throw from the Pierre-Laporte and Quebec City bridges, the establishment has been awarded “True Italian Restaurant Outside Italy” by none other than the President of the Italian Republic.

It’s your turn to succumb …

“I am a Roman of origin and I have built the fame of Michelangelo by setting, since its foundation in 1974, on the authenticity of Italian recipes, exceptional quality of the ingredients and on remarkable know-how in the execution and service.

The current location was built in 1993. This Italian-inspired contemporary architecture is the result of my collaboration with the architect Giovanni Maur and offers under the same roof, in addition to the dining room, a lounge with bar, semi alcoves -privates, private lounges, a large room for receptions and a wine cellar unique in Canada.

Whether you are alone or with 150 people, whether you want to celebrate the pleasures of the table or any event, I promise you an experience as unique as memorable.

Cavaliere Nicola Cortina

Over the years, Michelangelo has won numerous awards, including the prestigious CAA / AAA Four Diamond Award, the Wine Spectator Award of Excellence and the DiRoNA honors whose mission is to bring highlight the best restaurants in North America.

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Le Michelangelo


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