Marmalade Restaurant & Wine Bar in San Juan, Puerto Rico has been recognized as a DiRoNA Awarded restaurant since 2016!

Chef Peter Schintler opened Marmalade Restaurant & Wine Bar in Puerto Rico after working at a variety of places in the United States. 

After working with numerous Master Chefs and other wonderful Culinarians from Asia and abroad, Henriett my wife & Siena my daughter are and will remain my most important influences in the kitchen. Our food is a natural and creative blend of eclectic and nutritionally inspired ingredients. Each ingredient is part of a process and searches to bring forth health, community, and earth-friendly ideology into our restaurant. Hundreds of local farm to table ingredients stand side by side with sustainable and organic proteins, not to be overshadowed by a daily commitment to vegetarian gastronomy. Raw and alkalinizing dishes partner with more complex and robust preparations on the revolving menu.

About Us

I think the true uniqueness of our kitchen not only lies in the creativity and execution of the dishes but in the pursuit of wellness through sustainable and non-modified foods. With over twenty years of gastronomic cooking spanning the globe, we have not limited our passion to a single concept or food styling.

~ Peter Schintler

Marmalade Restaurant & Wine Bar

Marmalade Restaurant & Wine Bar