Via Allegro in Etobicoke, ON has been recognized as a DiRoNA Awarded restaurant since 2003!

Via Allegro is a Toronto landmark with world-class standards. Via Allegro is truly unique in the world — it alone possesses the two most prestigious international awards of their kind: The Grand Award from New York and the Whisky Supreme Award from the UK.  Over the years, Via Allegro‘s grand passion and daring vision have also helped define and elevate Toronto’s dining culture.  

Our food is eclectically Italian and continental in spirit.  We offer many choices – from comforting traditional dishes to exciting avant-garde interpretations.

The decor also possesses a wonderful eclectic spirit: bold classical motifs enhanced by innovative modern design. Specially commissioned artworks are found throughout, reflecting both of Via Allegro’s passion for the classical and our innovative spirit.

The entire staff would like to thank our regulars for their continued devotion and ask new patrons to become part of our family…Enjoy!

DiRōNA Awarded

Via Allegro Ristorante