La Famiglia Ristorante in Philadelphia, PA has been recognized as a DiRōNA Awarded restaurant since 2004!

La Famiglia Ristorante blends an old-world inspired menu, an exquisite wine list, and flawless service to create the most romantic and memorable dining experience in Philadelphia. We boast private wine cellar dining, stunning banquet room, including a dance floor, for weddings or wedding receptions, office parties, or reunions. If you wish, you can plan a one-of-a-kind evening for you and your guests in one of our secluded private rooms – perfect for any special event, or family gathering.

The Sena family tradition of culinary excellence dates back to early 1947 when Carlo “Papa” Sena began to cook in postwar Naples. The family carried this experience across the Atlantic and opened La Famiglia in 1976 in the shell of a Colonial tea warehouse. With the help of his family and a lot of hard work and dedication, Carlo turned La Famiglia into one of Philadelphia’s top culinary institutions.

Steeped in rich Italian tradition, La Famiglia has an international reputation as one of the finest examples of gourmet Italian cuisine to be served outside of Italy.  That tradition continues with “Papa” Sena’s sons Gino and Giuseppe and now grandson Carlo.  Their award-winning old world inspired menu with a touch of Napoletano, exquisite wine list and impeccable service makes for the most memorable dining experience in Philadelphia.

La Famiglia has maintained the first-class image that its long-time patrons recall from the early days. Those who consider themselves to be La Famiglia loyalists can still find that same level of service.

La Famiglia Ristorante


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