529 Wellington in Winnipeg, MB has been recognized as a DiRoNA Awarded restaurant since 2017!

A leader in Canadian Prime beef and impeccable service, 529 Wellington is Winnipeg’s favourite steakhouse. For almost 20 years, 529 Wellington has set the standard for fine dining and excellent taste.

Located just off the Assiniboine River in the beautiful Crescentwood neighbourhood, 529 Wellington consistently earns 5 stars for dishes, service, and setting.

Less than half of the top one percent of beef in Canada is awarded the Canadian Prime distinction. 529 Wellington is the only restaurant where you’ll find it on the menu. Once you’re given the Tour de Beef by our expertly trained servers, you select your cut, your doneness, and your sides or sauces. We do the rest.

Our Sommelier, Christopher Sprague, will help you find the perfect wine to pair with your dish. With over 700 selections and a cellar of more than 17,000 bottles, we’re confident that even the most seasoned wine drinkers will be satisfied.

DiRōNA Awarded

529 Wellington


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