The founders of DiRōNA had one simple idea in mind:  To preserve and promote the ultimate in distinguished dining.

In 1989, DiRoNA established an endowment fund with the NRAEF to encourage students to pursue careers in the restaurant and foodservice industry. Annually, DiRoNA honors its key industry partners, media patrons, and past chairmen through the scholarship program. This scholarship program was created to inspire students to pursue their passion for the culinary arts. This scholarship is for any student pursuing an education in a restaurant, food service, or hospitality related major with an interest in fine dining.
Recipients are selected through a rigorous review of applications from throughout North America. 

A minimum of 6 DiRoNA scholarships is provided each year through the National Restaurant Association Educational Foundation. 

National Restaurant Association Educational Foundation
2055 L St. NW
Washington, DC  20036
T: 800-424-5156

“The gift of an education is rewarding; the end result is immeasurable.  The knowledge of food and wine and hospitality is a gift to share, and we are proud to help promote the education of the best in our field.” 
Ted Balestreri

Past DiRōNA Chairman

Meet our 2018 DiRoNA Scholarship Winners!

DiRoNA 2018 Scholarship Winner
Melvin Nguyen, Boston, MA  
Majoring in Hospitality
Studying at
New York University
DiRoNA 2018 Scholarship Winner
Jordan Weber, Aldie, VA
Majoring in Culinary Arts
Studying at
Culinary Institute of America
DiRoNA 2018 Scholarship Winner
Daniel Matos, Tampa, FL  
Majoring in Culinary Arts
Studying at
Culinary Institute of America
DiRoNA 2018 Scholarship Winner
Robert McCall, New York, NY
Majoring in Culinary Arts
Studying at:
Auguste Escoffier School of Culinary Arts
DiRoNA 2018 Scholarship Winner
Jose Luna, Salinas, CA  
Majoring in Baking & Pastry Arts
Studying at
Monterey Peninsula College
DiRoNA 2018 Scholarship Winner
Alana Mendez, Rincon, Puerto Rico  
Majoring in
Food Tourism & Hospitality Management
Studying at
Johnson & Wales University

2017 DiRōNA Scholarship Recipients:

Nathan Cook – Sullivan University

Gueye Coty – Gateway Community College

Sarah Sbai – Kendall College

Thomas Vitatoe – Pittsburg Technical Institute

Diana Camacho – Johnson & Wales University – Charlotte


Helen Tabitha Lindsay – Niagara College

Alexis Currell-Therrien – Niagara College

Solange Arias – Humber Co

2016 DiRōNA Scholarship Recipients:

Tiara Alston – Sullivan University

Annslea Schaber – Sullivan University

John Sadler – Sullivan University

Kristin Criswell – Culinary Institute of America

Anna Marano – Stratford Chefs School


Solange Arias – Humber College