What Is DiRōNA

Distinguished Restaurants of North America (DiRōNA) seeks to recognize excellence in fine dining throughout the United States, Canada, Mexico, Central America, and the Caribbean. A restaurant displaying the DiRōNa Achievement of Distinction in Dining Award has earned one of the most respected Awards in the dining and hospitality communities. As an authority for excellence in distinguished dining since 1990, DiRōNA provides a forum for education, networking, philanthropy, and marketing benefits to its Awardees.

The DiRōNA Awards program is designed for discerning diners who want the assurance of having a resource for fine dining experiences that are set apart from the norm. Given the highly mobile society in which we live, people often find themselves in new locations. They may be entertaining for business or perhaps they have a night to dine out. They’re concerned about the unknown. Dining at a DiRōNA restaurant eliminates the anxieties as the DiRōNA Award symbolizes excellence in every aspect of the dining experience. Once achieved, a DiRōNa Awarded restaurant ranks among the finest across the continent.

DiRōNA is distinguished dining in restaurants across North America. It represents dining expectations and standards of a discerning diner. The award exemplifies the highest quality in every aspect of the dining experience, from the making of the reservation to the presentation of the check.

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