Antrim 1844

Taneytown, MD

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Nestled in the serene Carroll County, Maryland, Antrim 1844 presents an escape into a world of gastronomic delight and elegance. This historic estate, crowned as a top-tier destination by the USA Today’s Readers’ Choice for Best Hotel Restaurant in 2020, offers an exclusive dining experience at The Smokehouse Restaurant. The cuisine, crafted by the skilled hands of Executive Chef Inti Villalobos-Coady, is a testament to culinary finesse, featuring New American fare prepared with the freshest ingredients, sure to enchant both the epicurean and the casual diner alike.

The Antrim 1844’s Wine Cellar complements the dining experience with a treasure trove of over 17,000 bottles of exquisite wines from around the globe, making it one of the largest wine cellars on the East Coast. Wine connoisseurs will appreciate the selections from celebrated wine regions and the storied vintners who have graced the cellar with their presence and tales of winemaking.

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Surrounded by lush landscapes, and just a stone’s throw from major historical and urban centers, Antrim 1844 is not merely a meal but a journey—one that promises to engage every sense and leave a lasting imprint on the heart of every guest who steps through its doors.