El Asador Vasco in Oaxaca, MX has been recognized as a DiRōNA Awarded restaurant since 2001!

El Asador Vasco opened its doors in 1978, the first restaurant in Oaxaca to offer a formal service à la carte. Since then the restaurant has maintained its prestige as a leader, offering excellent service and quality dishes. Within our gastronomic repertoire, you will find the most select traditional Oaxacan cuisine, international dishes and the undisputed culinary reference of Basque Country cuisine.

The Ugartechea brothers arrived in Oaxaca in 1954. In 1974 they entered the world of food and beverage establishments with great quality, flavor, and service.

Event Space

In La Taberna, set as the taverns of the Basque Country, you can enjoy the same menu as in the terrace but in a more private environment, with the climate-controlled by air conditioning or heating. In it, there is a large round table for 12 or 16 people that is an excellent choice for family or business meetings, in a private and warm atmosphere.


The dining room La Taberna is the right size to hold small private events previously arranged (up to 70 people) and facilities that facilitate the development of business meetings such as, wired or wireless internet, air conditioning, projection screens, projector connectable to PC or DVD. 


In La Terraza, you will enjoy our gastronomic specialties in a calm atmosphere with a formal a la carte service. This is the favorite place of most of our regular diners so it is highly recommended to book early.

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