DiRoNA has many restaurants all across North America – close to 700 of them. We were saddened to hear that some of them in Houston, TX were affected by Hurricane Harvey. Not long after, many restaurants in Florida were affected by Hurrican Irma. In the past few days, Mexico City was devastated by more than one earthquake. Not to mention the devastation that is happening in all parts of the Caribbean.

DiRoNA Awarded Restaurants Affected by Hurricanes 2017

Photo Credit: CNN

After natural disasters such as hurricanes or earthquakes, many business owners must bear the brunt of fixing the damage, replacing food perishables, and inventory loss. They may have staff that was evacuated or needed to take care of family or friends. Many of our DiRoNA Awarded restaurants hosted benefits to raise relief funds not long after reopening. Quite a few restaurants also prepared food for first responders and shelters. These acts of kindness in the face of loss makes us aware of the large hearts of our restauranteurs. 

With so many of our fine dining restaurants affect by what Mother Nature is throwing at them, some people are wondering how they can support their favorite restaurant. Here are a few ideas:

Support your local restaurant – It’s easy to go out and grab something quick from the bigger restaurant chains. Independent restaurant owners are harder hit when disaster strikes. They might loose inventory (including wine cellars), damage to the restaurant itself including floors and windows, plus they might need to operate short staffed for a few days after they re-open. You can support your local restaurant by celebrating the end of the hurricane and making a reservation

Tip the staff – Often waitstaff depend on tips to make up the majority of their income. If they have been out of work for a few days (or more) either because the restaurant was closed, they were evacuated or helping relatives and friends, they may be low on funds. When you dine at any restaurant after natural disasters, tip generously. Even if it’s only $5 more than what you usually tip, it will help. If you can afford $100 more, know that it will help make up for the loss of income. The server will appreciate it and will likely show you extra consideration the next time you dine there.

Participate in fundraisers – Many of our DiRoNA Awarded restaurants are holding special fundraisers to help those in need. Everything from a percentage of sales to part of the profits of the day may be donated. When you reserve your table or order from the ‘fundraiser menu’ your dollars will help victims of these disasters. 

By supporting your local restaurant, you are helping your community grow stronger and re-build. Let us know if you have any other ways you are supporting local business!