L’allegria Restaurant in Madison, NJ has been recognized as a DiRōNA Awarded restaurant since 2006!

L’allegria, conceived by brothers Saverio and Giovanni Allocca in 1984, experienced a meteoric rise to stardom. It has maintained its lofty status due to the Allocca’s dedication to optimum quality. The fashionable ristorante, with the casual feel of al fresco dining in a Mediterranean courtyard, features proficient, unpretentious European-style service, an award-winning wine cellar and a New York City trained kitchen staff. The delicate blend of exquisite renditions of authentic cuisine and wines from Italy’s diverse regions, coupled with L’allegria’s charming ambiance, create the quintessential Italian dining experience. As a result, L’allegria consistently wins the acclaim of restaurant critics and the applause of diners.

Since our opening in early 1984, we have been dedicated to bringing to the table the finest and freshest products. Presenting them in a most innovative and interesting manner, while adhering to the best tradition of fine Italian cuisine.

More than just the freshest and most genuine ingredients going to our food. Every dish is directly influenced by the finest traditions of Italian Cuisine and the land and history that made them so. Thank you, to our wonderful and distinguished clientele who have been supportive in our efforts through all these years.

L'allegria Restaurant


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