2023 NEW DiRōNA Awardee


Congratulations on being chosen for the DiRōNA Award. Only 650 restaurants across North America have received this recognition since our inception in 1990.

Included with the purchase of your 2023 DiRōNA Award is our brushed aluminum ‘Award of Excellence’ wall plaque, as well as your restaurant listing on DiRoNA.com and on the DiRōNA mobile app found in the app store of both Apple and Android. Your restaurant will also be featured on DiRōNA social media accounts on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

DiRōNA was founded by the most renowned restaurateurs across the USA and Canada, as an opportunity to promote the best dining has to offer to discerning patrons from around the World. Philanthropy through our scholarships, networking at our events is just some of the ways you will enjoy the benefits of being a part of DiRōNA. 

Welcome, you belong here!

Your 2023 DiRōNA Award Includes


2023 DiRōNA Brushed Aluminum Wall Award

New for 2023, our beautifully designed brushed aluminum DiRōNA Award will certainly capture the attention of your restaurant patrons! The award is identically sized (10″ x 16″) as past DiRōNA Awards and will easily apply to any wall. Our famous logo was designed by renowned New York creative director George Lois.


Listed in the Awarded restaurants directory of dirona.com, your restaurant receives one feature page that will include your logo, bio, contact details, social links, and images.



DiRōNA Mobile App

New for Fall 2022, our DiRōNA Mobile App can be found on both the Apple and Google Play app store. Your restaurant will be listed displaying your logo, bio, and contact details, as well as a location on our map directory.


Social Media Marketing

A significant social media marketing effort allows the exposure of our Awarded restaurants on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn. Social Media posts are made throughout the year highlighting your restaurant.