Toronto, ON, October 24, 2016: Distinguished Restaurants of North America (“DiRōNA”) is pleased to announce the Board’s approval of new Executive Directors, Scott and Kelly Breard. Their position is effective immediately.

John Arena, chairman of DiRōNA commented: “This dynamic couple has significant experience with online marketing, business administration, and event management. Their company Breard Marketing Inc. is a highly regarded online marketing agency. We are very excited about the possibilities for DiRōNA under their leadership.”Scott & Kelly Breard Executive Directors of DiRoNA - Distinguished Restaurants of North America

Scott Breard, comments: “Kelly and I are both grateful for our new opportunity with DiRōNA. The legacy of this renowned organization will be preserved while we integrate more modern initiatives that will effectively promote the 650+ Awarded restaurants across North America. We look forward to maintaining the foundation of DiRōNA with annual conferences, guided trips, and scholarships, along with exciting new features that we will be announcing in the coming weeks. With the guidance of our experienced Board, we are proud to lead DiRoNA into the future, for the next generation of restaurateurs and the patrons who enjoy fine dining.”

The Distinguished Restaurants of North America that, by recognizing excellence, seeks to promote distinguished dining throughout the United States, Canada, and Mexico. A restaurant displaying the DiRōNA Achievement of Distinction in Dining has earned one of the most respected awards in the dining and hospitality community. The authority for excellence in distinguished dining, DiRōNA provides a forum for education, networking, philanthropy and marketing benefits.

On behalf of DiRōNA. 

John J. Arena, Chairman