Tr3s 3istro Restaurant & Oyster Bar in Oaxaca, MX has been recognized as a DiRoNA Awarded restaurant since 2016!

Tr3s 3istro Restaurant & Oyster Bar, offers a diversity of culinary options in a privileged location on the top floor of the Oaxaca Zocalo portals, with an excellent view of its laurels as well as the Cathedral, in a casual and elegant setting.

In Tr3s 3istro Restaurant & Oyster Bar you can enjoy our culinary diversity at any of our Tr s spaces. Accompanying the sports and events of the moment in La Barra Oyster, enjoying a delicious meal to celebrate with friends in The Dining Room or tasting our desserts and hot drinks at El Café, while your children have fun in the Games Area.

Dining Room

Practically a terrace because of the large windows that overlook the Oaxacan zócalo, offers a beautiful view of its monumental grove of majestic laurels, which multiplies reflected in the mirrors of the decoration and in the glass windows.

With a classic bistro assembly on a floor of pasta mosaics with a design from the early twentieth century, has a great versatility to accommodate from couples to large groups of diners.

Oyster Bar

A spectacular bar on an island surrounded by rotating pedestal stools where, in addition to drinks, you can enjoy all the dishes on the menu of foods and specialties on the blackboard.

It has five TV screens and is complemented by three rooms with lounge type armchairs on the balconies that face the interior patio.