21 Spices by Chef Asif in Naples, FL has been recognized as a DiRōNA Awarded restaurant since 2019!

21 Spices by Chef Asif invites you to join us on an epicurean adventure, an indulgence of flavors, style and artistry, all lovingly and carefully presented for your enjoyment.

Explore the diverse flavors of classical Indian cuisine, featuring the freshest seasonal ingredients with a modern presentation, innovative culinary techniques. Our focus is to create a unique “culinary journey” that taps into and encourages the emotion and pleasures of eating while being respectful of authenticity.

The menu includes include a wide selection of outstanding biryanis, curries and vegetarian delights, refreshing salads delivered in an artistic fashion, mouthwatering Tandoor-roasted lamb, prawns, fresh fish, chicken, and kabobs flamed in an open-style kitchen. Chef Asif’s delicious homemade chutneys accompany many of our courses.

Elegant appetizers and an array of stuffed tandoori naan are offered as part of the Small Bites Menu in our Wine Bar. Saffron-ginger ice cream and unique desserts and after-dinner drinks provide a sweet conclusion to your meal.

DiRōNA Awarded

21 Spices by Chef Asif


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