Cafe Central in El Paso, TX has been recognized as a DiRōNA Awarded restaurant since 2014!

Cafe Central first opened its doors in 1918 in Ciudad Juárez, México, electrifying a clientele of gamblers and cabaret-goers who quickly grew to expect the finest culinary experience in the region at this chic nightspot.

After Prohibition ended, Cafe Central migrated closer to the border and was established in downtown El Paso. Becoming a unique and elegant dining experience.

In 1991, we became intrigued with the restaurant’s potential, as well as the need for a chic bistro downtown. We decided to create an elegant black and cream interior to set off our collection of original art and restored some of our old charm with an ornately gated New Orleans style courtyard.

Today’s Cafe Central combines innovative taste with 100-year-old traditions, offering an outstanding fine dining experience, delectable cuisine, and superior customer service, making us a preferred destination for locals and travelers alike.

With food prepared by one of the most highly respected chefs in the region, guests of Cafe Central experience dining at its most superb. Soft lights, handsome furnishings, and ambient music create a relaxing mood-setting atmosphere.

Fine linens and fresh flowers adorn every table. Our staff provides every patron with unsurpassed service. 

Cafe Central

Cafe Central


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